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Essentials for Administrators

THE 8-Hour Course to learn Colorado Home Care Regulations

Dear fellow Administrator,

Do you worry if your office is in compliance with home care regulations? Are you nervous about deficiencies if a surveyor walked into the office today? Do you wish someone could just tell you what you need to do to be in compliance?

I was once in your EXACT shoes. I wanted to know as an Administrator in Colorado what I needed to be doing to avoid deficiencies for my agency. I felt behind the ball, always playing catch up and worried that I was missing something that would be too late to fix when a surveyor came walking in the door. I didn’t have the time to read the regulations cover to cover and try and interpret what they meant for my home care office. I looked for resources to help me: websites, companies, other Administrators. I was frustrated because I couldn’t find anyone and had to suffer through compliance all by myself.

Now I have a time-tested system to dominate home care regulations: NO MORE worrying about knowing the important home care regulations, NO MORE frantic thoughts about a surveyor walking into the office, NO MORE end of year 'cramming’ to get required meetings, visits and evals DONE!

Even a system to write a successful plan of correction!

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What You Get With Your Enrollment in…

Essentials for Administrators

- 8-Hour Online Course

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There is NO course for Colorado Administrators like this.

here’s just some of what you’ll learn:

4 Course Modules

8 hours of home regulation and compliance content walking you through exactly what you need to know to be an HOME CARE ADMINISTRATOR in COLORADO.

The course is APPROVED by and meets the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) requirements for the initial 8-Hour course for new HCA Managers & Administrators as stated in Chapter 26, Section 6.4(D) for Class A Home Health Administrators and Section 7.2(B)(3) for Class B Home Care HCA Managers.

Each home care agency needs an Administrator AND Alternate trained in this 8-Hour COURSE

Here’s what you get if you join Essentials For Administrators & HCA Managers now:

The 100% online course is accessible anywhere with an internet connection. This is not available from anywhere else. You can start any one of the course video modules, press pause when you get a new client inquiry on the phone or if you need some avocado toast, and resume watching with the click of a button. The flexibility of this course being offered online 24/7 gives you the freedom and flexibility to complete and review on your own schedule.

Both required CDPHE materials and bonus course content have been grouped into 4 modules. Each module provides specific information on a component of home care agencies and regulations. All interactive course modules together provide the participant with a fundamental understanding of successfully keeping your agency in compliance, as well as home care agency operator experiences and best practices to grow your business.

There are brand new and updated regulations that were rolled out in February 2022. In the course, we sort out the new, old and changed regs to give you the info you need. Also, we have seen trends in certain deficiencies being issued across the state this year.  Industry trends are moving quickly including TeleHealth for home care services, CMS’ new PDGM payment model for home health, as well as the updated 5-Star rating system. These are all covered in this course.

At the end of each module there is a short quiz. Completing this quiz will demonstrate course competencies that are required for your completion certificate.

Essentials For Administrators consists of 4 interactive modules, entitled: 8 Hours to Dominate Home Care Compliance, Colorado Government in Action, Master the 9-Program Policy System and Bringing It All Together. Each module contains CDPHE required content, additional home care industry updates and lessons learned from being an Administrator. 

In Module 1: 8 Hours to Dominate Home Care Compliance, we examine the mindset of a successful Administrator in Colorado. After years working as an Administrator, as well as working with hundreds of home care agencies, we review the most critical items to keep your agency in compliance.

In Module 2: Colorado Government in Action, we take an in-depth look at the Colorado government. Looking at who oversees CDPHE, the main functions of this executive agency, the branch in CDPHE that directly regulates home care agencies and the various public health programs regulated by the state.

Module 3 is Master the 9-Program Policy System. Here we look at the required programs for Class A & B home care agencies. We have organized the required systems into a 9-program policy system that is straightforward and easy to use. Mastering this system will ensure your agency has all needed policies. 

Next is Module 4: Bringing It All Together. In this module we get into the details of the things that keep Administrators up at night. With so much content covered in this course, this module focuses on the most important takeaways. This includes planning out the compliance year and tips to avoid the top issued deficiencies in Colorado.

Complete all 4 Interactive Modules, along with Competency Quizzes, to receive your very own Certificate of Completion.  This will show you have completed the CDPHE required 8-Hour course for new HCA Managers/Back-up HCA Managers and Administrators/Alternate Administrators.  Please be sure to place the certificate in your Personnel File to show CDPHE you have taken the course.

Wait, there’s more!

Exclusive Guide to the 9-Binder Policy System for Colorado Home Care Regulations $1997 Value

No matter your level of expertise or love for home care regulations in Colorado, this guide is for you. We look at the major compliance systems that need to be set up to ensure compliance with regulations. In addition, we look at actual examples of meetings, reviews and visits to see it in action.

Guide to Home Care Survey & Getting Your Plan of Correction ACCEPTED! $497 Value

The 6-part e-book goes through the survey process from beginning to end. Want your team to understand what survey is like? Send them this guide. Also, we walk through constructing the perfect plan of correction that will get accepted WITHOUT committing your agency to unnecessary work.

Annual Home Care Agency Compliance Calendar $297 Value

Use this 12-month calendar to plan out a deficiency free year. All required compliance systems are included in a checklist that allows you to plan out required meetings and reporting so that you don’t miss important deadlines throughout the year. You’ll hug yourself at least 10 times each year for making a plan.

Buy now for only $299

Comes with my course happiness guarantee

Course Happiness Guarantee

I made this course to be valuable to Administrators of Class A & B home care companies in Colorado.

I want you to LOVE this course. If you don’t I want to refund 100% of your money back. Let me tell you why.

I built this course over YEARS, after being an Administrator myself and learning the regulations the hard way. Survey after survey. Policy after policy.

I had no one to help me. I refined a system over time to make regulations simple. I’ve tested this course and trained HUNDREDS of Administrators about home care.

I want you to have the tools you need to dominate compliance and feel confident with regulations.

So here’s my simple offer: If you don’t LOVE this course, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. It’s simple: Join the program and see for yourself.

Join Essentials for Administrators today.

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive guide to mastering home care regulations, you’ve found it

Value of $3,241

Access Essentials For Administrators Instantly

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. The Business of Senior Care is an approved trainer for Class A & B home care agencies in Colorado. 

CDPHE requires an Administrator (and Alternate) in Colorado to complete an approved 8-Hour Training Course in the administration of a home care agency.

6.4(D)(2) – For Class A, must complete 8 clock hours within the first month of employment

7.2(B)(3) – For Class B, have successfully completed an eight (8) hour agency manager training course.

Home Care Overview
Information on the licensing standards for the HCA
Information on state and local laws applicable to the HCA

Yes, each student needs to have a specific course certification to provide proof to CDPHE.

Yes, each student is able to instantly download a course completion certificate that is personalized with the name on the account. It can be used to provide proof of completion to a surveyor.

Absolutely. We offer ongoing training for Administrators on many aspects of running a home care agency. Also, we offer 1-on-1 consulting for things like new agency set-up, policies and procedures, plan of correction, survey prep, etc.
Great question and you should want to know the value you get from training. We are the ONLY CDPHE trainer that has been an actual Administrator in the era of home care regulations. We know what policies and documentation a surveyor wants to see. We know what it takes to keep a home care agency in compliance every day and year.

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